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National TV Dinner Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Television Dinner

National Television Dinner Day is on September 10. It is the holiday that best exemplifies TV Dinner. This is a day to savour a complete meal without having to prepare it. It is also a good opportunity to watch a television programme. Did you know the first television dinner consisted of turkey, peas, cornbread dressing, and sweet potatoes? C.A. Swanson & Sons was the company that invented TV Dinners in 1953.

The background of National TV Dinner Day

As television became more of a pastime, families began to enjoy themselves while watching it. The concept of the television dinner was devised to enhance the experience. In the 1950s, TV dinners, originally known as TV Brand Frozen Dinner, gained popularity.

Before the advent of TV dinners, frozen meat was already a common commodity. However, it was not popular because the chilling process diminished the flavour and taste of the food.

Clarence Birdseye’s discovery of a fast and efficient method of freezing fish in 1925 contributed significantly to the development of frozen foods. Utilising this information, he expanded the procedure to include vegetables. During World War II, this approach was used to procure frozen foods for the military.

In 1949, Albert and Meyer Bernstein ushered the concept of TV dinners to the larger market. They established Frozen Dinners Inc. and began selling their products in and around Pittsburgh.

However, after C.A. Swanson and Sons rebranded the concept of frozen entrees, TV dinners became popular. This time, the concept was widely accepted, and TV dinners were an instant success.

Gerry Thomas, a salesman for Swanson, is attributed with the conception. After modest sales on Thanksgiving, there was an abundance of turkey remaining. Gerry Thomas asserts that he came up with the concept for TV dinners in an effort to use up leftover food.

Today’s television dinners offer an extensive variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables. National TV Dinner Day is a day set aside to celebrate and appreciate the simplicity of dining while watching television.

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5 Interesting Facts About Television Dinner

The third year that C.A. Swanson and Sons marketed the TV programme, they sold 25 million units.

You have numerous options when selecting a television entrée.

Families gathered in front of the television set to watch television as part of the TV dinner tradition.

Generally speaking, TV dinners are inexpensive and save you time and effort.

Popular sizes of TV dinners, with more food on larger platters, are hungry-man dinners.


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