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National Pet Memorial Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Pets and Pet Memorial

On National Pet Memorial Day, which occurs every second Sunday in September, on September 10 this year, pet owners across the nation honour their departed companions. For many of us, pets are on par with some of the most important individuals in our lives; therefore, when they pass away before us, it is a difficult loss. There are numerous ways to memorialise pets, and we are not alone in remembering some of our most beloved pets for the remainder of our lives. National Pet Memorial Day is an excellent time to honour the memory of your favourite canines.

The background of National Pet Memorial Day

Throughout history, the role of pets in our lives has evolved in tandem with our living conditions and cultures, as have the ways in which we honour our deceased companions. Since the first wolf cubs were domesticated and the first barnyard cats were made pets, exceptional furry companions have captivated the hearts of humans and come to feel like family.

There is evidence that canines were domesticated as early as 26,000 BCE, when ancient footprints of a child and a dog in a cave indicate that they once walked together. Around 14,000 BCE, pet memorials first appeared in what is now Germany. In China and North America, pet memorials date back to 7,000 and 11,000 BCE, respectively. Native Americans frequently buried their deceased dogs, demonstrating that pets have always had a special place in our affections.

Even historical champions memorialised their animals. Alexander the Great, for instance, was well-known for his affection for his mastiff named Peritas. When she passed away around 350 BCE, he held a funeral and procession and erected a memorial in her honour.

Throughout the modern era, there have been numerous other well-liked creatures immortalised in popular culture. Balto, the Siberian Husky renowned for his courageous journey across Alaska to deliver medicine, and Towser, the Scottish cat who captured a record-setting 28,899 mice, are notable examples.

Today, there are numerous pet cemeteries and memorialization standards for pets. Famous pet cemeteries in New York City and Los Angeles include Hartsdale and Toto Memorial, respectively. Pet headstones can be personalised and purchased. We will never cease commemorating the pets who have brought us so much joy.

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5 Interesting Facts Regarding Pets and Pet Memorials

These include the Hartsdale Cemetery in New York City, the Toto Memorial in Los Angeles, the Boomer Monument in Illinois, and the Brownie Cemetery in Florida.

The procedure for Pet Cremation established by the International Association for Pet Cemeteries and Crematories can be followed by Pet Owners during the Cremation Process.

In 2015, pet owners spent over $60 billion on their canines, according to the American Pet Products Association.

Pets enhance the lives of nearly everyone. 94% of pet owners stated in a survey that their companion made them smile every day.

From Balto the brave Siberian Husky to Towser of Scotland, the cat who captured a record-breaking 28,899 mice, our most beloved pets are immortalised in our collective history.


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