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World Passion Fruit Martini Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

World Passion Fruit Martini Day occurs annually on May 28. The day is dedicated to celebrations and imbibing fruit-infused cocktails with a focus on passion fruit and dirty martinis. Nevertheless, you can choose any flavour to create the cocktail of your choosing. What a perfect complement to a day intended to be celebrated anywhere, be it at home, a bar or a poolside party! Remember that the magic term is ‘funky!’

The background of World Passion Fruit Martini Day

The British have their own approach to every situation. One of their stylish methods to consume alcohol is by preparing delicious and visually appealing cocktails. Even for those who do not ingest alcohol, the presentation of their cocktails is enticing.

However, alcohol is not the subject of this discussion. We are discussing a very specific alcoholic beverage that, when combined with passion fruit, produces a delicious cocktail: the martini with passion fruit! A martini is a mixture of gin, which is a type of hard liquor derived from juniper berries with approximately 30% to 50% alcohol by volume; and vermouth, which is a type of aromatic and coloured wine. These two ingredients create a very fruity combination to start with. With the addition of passion fruit, this martini reaches a whole new level of sophistication.

Now that you have a mental image of the cocktail, consider the following: there are manufacturers in Britain whose solitary business is the production and sale of cocktails. Funkin Cocktails is one of the leading competitors. In the United Kingdom, ready-made cocktails are available; all you need to do is add passion fruit.

With the knowledge you now possess, you too can celebrate World Passion Fruit Martini Day with flair!

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Create your own drink.

Make your own cocktails to suit your preferences, and have fun! Spend some time perfecting your signature martini.

Keep it quirky

Funky is rhythmic, musical, and humorous. Make a beverage that meets all three criteria: it must be delicious, colourful, and compatible with your mood.

Throw a celebration

What could be more celebratory than throwing your own cocktail party? Dress according to the theme, host a cocktail-mixing competition, and dance the night away!


The British may have a sense of flair, but the United States invented the concept of cocktails.

The Dirty Martini remains the most popular and widely consumed cocktail in the globe.

No one knows for certain where the concept of creating martinis originated; while many believe it originated during the California Gold Rush of the 1800s, others believe it originated at the Knickerbocker Hotel in New York.

Technically speaking, passion fruit is a berry that can be served either sweet or bitter.

The fruit is available in both purple and yellow hues.


Year Date Day
2023 May 28 Sunday
2024 May 28 Tuesday
2025 May 28 Wednesday
2026 May 28 Thursday
2027 May 28 Friday