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Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Birthmarks

Vascular Birthmarks Day is observed annually on May 15 throughout the globe. It is not uncommon to have met someone with a birthmark, and you may have one yourself. Vascular Birthmark Day is a day to support, educate, and celebrate those with birthmarks. Additionally, it assists others to comprehend why we have birthmarks. Given the frequency of abuse based on birthmarks, awareness campaigns play an important role in the festivities. If you have or know someone with a birthmark, you may be interested in learning more about Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day.

The background of Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day

Birthmarks are extremely prevalent. If you have a birthmark, you are among the nearly fifty percent of infants born with a Stork Bite birthmark. It is solely a discoloration that feels identical to the rest of the body’s skin. Strawberry marks are a type of vascular birthmark that is frequently observed in young infants. It begins to form during the first weeks of a child’s life and is entirely developed by age 10. You may be familiar with port-wine stains, another common form of vascular birthmark caused by absent or insufficiently numerous nerves in a cluster of blood vessels.

On the other hand, hemangiomas are the most common vascular birthmark. It is a benign growth that develops in neonates. Hemangiomas are localised blood vessel cell growths that are more common in young females. It typically appears as a small red scratch or minuscule bump within the first few days or weeks of a baby’s life. During this initial stage, known as the proliferative phase, hemangiomas expand rapidly. This phase typically lasts six to twelve months. Vascular birthmarks are not heritable.

The most essential fact about vascular birthmarks is that the vast majority are entirely harmless. Others may view birthmarks as a defect in appearance, despite the fact that birthmarks can be attractive and distinctive. The purpose of Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day is to increase awareness of birthmarks and eliminate the prejudice and stigma associated with them.

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  • Approximately 10% of newborns have birthmarks.
  • The probability of their occurrence is only 0.3%.
  • These are type one neurofibromatosis, Sturge-Weber syndrome, and Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome.
  • Children born with congenital lesions have a greater chance of developing skin cancer as adults.
  • Birthmark removal options include medication, laser, and surgery.


Year Date Day
2023 May 15 Monday
2024 May 15 Wednesday
2025 May 15 Thursday
2026 May 15 Friday
2027 May 15 Saturday