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International Allyship Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Allyship Day

International Allyship Day is a holiday created in 2023 to honour the tremendous power of unity. It is a day to celebrate diversity and promote a sense of belonging for all!

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International Alliance Day is annually observed on August 8. This holiday is dedicated to commemorating and promoting the global significance of alliance. On this special day, we recognise the significance of standing up for one another, nurturing inclusiveness, and constructing bridges of support and understanding.

A person who advocates and actively works for the inclusion of a marginalised or politicised group in all areas of society, not as a member of that group but in solidarity with its struggle and point of view and under its leadership. Genuine allegiance does not come with special recognition; we do not receive awards for addressing issues that people must face on a daily basis.

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The background of International Allyship Day

International Allyship Day is a holiday created in 2023 to honour the tremendous power of unity. It is a day to celebrate diversity and promote a sense of belonging for all!

This holiday encourages communities to be genuine and to collaborate for positive social change. Community gatherings, seminars, events, and networking can provide the motivation, inspiration, and connections necessary to advocate for others in the workplace and at home.

Multiple national studies indicate that four out of five US-based employees are conversant with unconscious bias training or have participated in it. While extremely valuable, this training is only the beginning. International Allyship Day exists to promote and enforce allies. Without action, awareness does not move the balance. Active and genuine allies are consistent and persistent in their efforts to regard all others equitably and without bias.

This holiday demonstrates that now is the time to address equity, as we can all combat gender stereotypes, call out discrimination, bring attention to devaluing behaviours, and create inclusive environments.

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78% of organisations prioritise diversity in an effort to enhance workplace culture, whereas 62% seek to improve financial performance. TeamStage: Women in the Workforce 2022 research indicates that even a 10% increase in gender-focused diversity can have a positive effect on and increase total profits.

Despite 84% of employees reporting participation in unconscious bias training, the Integrating Women Leaders Foundation 2022 State of Allyship-in-Action Study reveals that only 47% of programmes included allyship training, and only 35% included participatory communities.

The Women in the Workplace Report by McKinsey and Lean In 2022 reveals devastating truths. For every 100 males who receive their first promotion, only 87 women do so. Similarly, these figures are significantly lower for women of colour and other similarly underrepresented groups.

The Harvard Business Review drew public attention to the fact that John or David are substantially more likely than women to serve as CEO of large corporations.

According to the World Economic Forum’s 16th Global Gender Gap Report, the gender wage gap is expected to close in 132 years at the present rate of change.


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