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National Professional House Cleaners Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Domestic Helpers

September 17 is National Professional House Cleaning Day. On this day, we honour professional cleaners for their skillful service in creating healthier environments and residences for us. Did you know that routine professional cleaning improves air quality and creates a tranquil environment that increases productivity?

The background of National Professional House Cleaners Day

The American House Cleaning Association (AHCA) established National Professional House Cleaners Day. This campaign was launched in 2019 to increase appreciation, recognition, and appreciation for all House Cleaners in the cleaning industry.

Professional house cleaning is undervalued as a vocation and its contribution to creating habitable and cleaner environments is underrecognized. This is due to the perception that house cleaning is a menial task that does not require expertise or specialisation.

Individuals and society have gradually realised that cleansing is time-consuming and requires a certain level of skill and expertise. People lack the knowledge and time to correctly care for their surroundings, so they rely on Professional House Cleaning services.

While not everyone directly employs a Professional Cleaner, they have a significant impact on our lives because almost every business we frequent and apartment block requires their services.

Professional house cleaners have established a trend and provided individuals with alternative employment opportunities, emphasising the importance of cleaning as a profession and not just a menial task. This day honours Professional House Cleaners for their attention to detail, organisation, and efficiency, as well as for leaving our residences cleaner and stress-free.

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A large proportion of domestic employees consistsd of female immigrants.

Guatemalan domestic labourers have little legal protection.

Brazil ensures that domestic workers have rights and are required to be employed under a contract that is registered.

The Convention accords domestic workers the same privileges as other workers.

In contrast to working as independent cleaners, joining a cleaning industry gives domestic employees an advantage.


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