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Old Time Player Piano Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Old-Time Player Piano Day occurs annually on May 27. It takes place in the United States and demonstrates an appreciation for the enjoyable musical instrument. A player piano from the past is merely an uncommon type of piano that plays by itself. Pianolas are also known as player pianos. Old player pianos decoded notes from microscopic perforations on paper rolls. Changing the rolls allows the piano to play various songs. A pianist’s two-foot pedals generate suction for the pianos. The pianist can also manipulate the sound with levers.

The background of Old Time Player Piano Day

Old-Time Player Piano Day is observed annually on May 27. It is a holiday commemorating the pianola, also known as the musical instrument. In 1895, Edwin Votey created a prototype for the instrument. His design became the standard for subsequent player pianos. The Aeolian Company, the foremost manufacturer of musical instruments at the time, acquired the rights to Votey’s piano design in 1897. The decision was made to advertise it as the pianola.

The earliest player pianos were also known as external or push-up players. They had a component that could be folded up to a piano to convert it into a player piano. Early in the 20th century, player pianos dominated the market and were immensely popular for roughly 30 years. The instrument’s prominence began to decline in 1929, following the Wall Street Crash. In the 1930s, only a few companies were still producing the instrument. On the market today, there are sadly not many player pianos that play music discs. There are, however, electronic devices such as the Yamaha Disklavier that are capable of reproducing ‘high-resolution’ piano performances.

At least since 2011, Old-Time Player Piano Day is known to have been observed. The holiday coincides with the World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest and Festival, which takes place around the same time. The festival focuses primarily on piano performance and draws many talented pianists from around the world.

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Listen to music

Player pianos are a manifestation of musical progress. To commemorate the occasion, you can listen to your preferred music.

Employ a pianist piano.

You may use an ancient player piano if you own one or know someone who does. Have joy trying out the antique musical instrument.

View videos

You can view videos of player pianos playing gorgeous music. You can also view demonstrations of their operation.


In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, numerous player pianos were mass-produced.

When the gramophone was invented in the 1920s, the popularity of old-fashioned player pianos diminished.

People purchased sheet music to play on their player pianos from the past.

The player piano is similar to other pianos, with the exception that it features a pneumatic player action that plays paper rolls.

There are 88 pneumatics on the player piano, one for each note.


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