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List of 5 Short Trips from Delhi to Take on a Long Weekend

Here are 5 Short Trips from Delhi to Take on a Long Weekend. I hope this list can be helpful, and please feel free to leave your own suggestions below!

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List of 5 Short Trips from Delhi: It’s tough to think of much to do in Delhi for the weekend, but there are a few things that usually help kill time and make the day go by more like a breeze. Here are 5 Short Trips from Delhi to Take on a Long Weekend. I hope this list can be helpful, and please feel free to leave your own suggestions below!

Delhi is one of the most popular destinations in India. However, it might not be so easy when you live there and don’t know what to do when you’re not working or at school! This post will give you some ideas on how to pass the time with activities you can enjoy if you’re fortunate enough that they’re happening near your home.

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Agra: A romantic paradise

Tourists travel from all over the world to visit Agra, the city of the Taj. The Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is unquestionably a representation of love. With the three cities of Agra, Delhi, and Jaipur, Agra proudly forms the Golden Triangle of India.

  • Best travel season is from October to March.
  • 233 kilometres separate you from Delhi (4 hours 30 minutes)
  • the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, and the Agra Fort
  • Cost of travel on average: 4,000 INR per person per day (includes meals, transport, accommodation and entrance fees)
  • The best lodging is at Zostel Hostel, which costs 499 INR per person per night.

Varanasi: The sacred place

Varanasi is a sacred city along the Ganges River. It is a budget-friendly resort and well-liked by tourists since it won’t empty your bank account. In Varanasi, spend time on the ghats and enjoy a Ganges River boat ride. Don’t forget to stroll the city’s streets and take advantage of August’s top weekend getaways from Delhi.

india-varanasi-best-places-to-visit-ganges-river (1)

  • Ideal Travel Period: October to March
  • From Delhi, it is 825 kilometres
  • Principal Attractions are The Ramnagar Fort, Manikarnika Ghat, and Shri Kasi Vishwanath Temple
  • Average Cost of Travel: 1,200 INR/night, per person
  • Best affordable lodging: Zostel Rs 299 INR per person per night.

Kasol: A Mountain Lover’s Paradise

A little village in Kullu called Kasol is situated near to the glittering Parvati River. It offers plenty of silence in addition to natural beauty and moderate to moderate walks and wonderful gourmet cafés.

  • October through June is the ideal season to travel.
  • 519 kilometres separate you from Delhi (11 hours)
  • Camping in Kasol, Tosh, hiking Kierganga, and cafe hopping are the main draws.
  • The average cost of two days of travel is 5,000 INR per person (including meals, transport, accommodation and sightseeing)
  • Kasol’s Hosteller, which costs 299 INR per person per night, is the most economical option.
  • to learn, eat, and experience this paradise.

Courtyard of the Udaipur City Palace Museum in the “City of Palaces”

Udaipur is a lake that is enthralled by its history and the ruins that display flawless and elaborate sculptures. city. The city’s appeal is elevated to a whole new level by a stunning lake. Among the items available for purchase in Udaipur are brightly coloured trinkets. There is an endless supply of indulgence available here. Take a boat journey to see the sunset and explore Udaipur’s wonders while visiting several historical sites.

  • October through March is the ideal time to visit.
  • 663 kilometres separate you from Delhi (11 hours)
  • Principal draw: situated in Udaipur.
  • Average travel expense per person for two days: INR 5,000 (including meals, transportation, accommodation and sightseeing)

Binsar – Scenic Attractions

Binsar is a charming community located in Uttarakhand’s Kumaung district. The area is quiet and serene. He is one of the less expensive weekend getaways close to Delhi and requires a 10-hour drive. Visit Binsar if you want to make the most of the extended Fourth of July weekend by spending some quiet time in the hills and surrounded by nature.

  • Best Travel Period: Year-round
  • 418 kilometres separate you from Delhi (10 hours)
  • Binsar Hill, Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, and Khali Estate are the main attractions.
  • Average Nightly Travel Cost: 2,000 INR
  • Khim’s Guest House is the most affordable lodging at INR 1,500.

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