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When is the Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime Going to Be Released

When is the Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime Going to Be Released: According to the creator, Dragon Ball Kakumei will be adapted into an anime television series. Not only did Reenko make the announcement, but he also provided followers with their first look at Goku and Beerus via Twitter.

Many are astonished that a doujinshi will be adapted into an anime, given that this is not a large studio undertaking the project. Moreover, since the manga is still in production, the endeavour itself is experimental.

When is the Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime Going to Be Released?

No release dates have yet been announced for the Dragon Ball Kakumei anime adaptation. However, Reenko recently revealed that only the pilot episode is currently in production. As this is a solitary effort by the artist Poisson Labo, it is anticipated that it will be released near the end of 2023.

Reenko added that their rumoured online anime adaptation is distinct from this endeavour, which is exclusive and independent.

What Will the Anime Series Dragon Ball Kakumei Be About?

Reenko’s Dragon Ball Kakumei is a fan-created work known as a doujinshi. It begins after the Tournament of Power and the subsequent events involving Goku and Beerus. It was when Universe 7 won the tournament, granting Android 17 permission to make a wish with the Dragon Balls.

This resulted in immense changes when the latter chose to restore the universes that had already been obliterated. The anime adaptation of Dragon Ball Kakumei will adhere to the same narrative as the manga. Despite being experimental and premature, it will not succeed in the manga and will not endeavour to dominate the story.

In addition, Shintani, the original Character Designer for the film Dragon Ball Super: Broly, influenced the characters. Currently, only the first chapter of the manga will be adapted as an anime.

What Will the Characters of the Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime Look Like?

Shintani’s works significantly influenced the Dragon Ball Kakumei anime, as well as the character designs for the Dragon Ball Super Broly film. In addition, Reenko has indicated that Poisson Labo will take over the animation for the first episode. The release of this will take time, after which the creators will determine the next steps.

Reenko also mentions that Poisson Labo is an accomplished artist whose character designs will be essential for the eventual anime adaptation. Since he has been associated with Dragon Ball Kakumei for some time, the creator believes he is the ideal candidate to visualise and animate the next franchise.

The producers responded that such intricate details of manga characters are not practical or attainable without a competent animation studio.

The conclusion

Given the effort invested in fan-made plots, the Dragon Ball Kakumei franchise has achieved remarkable success. It requires a unique kind of creator to undertake such a high-risk endeavour.

As a result, although the Dragon Ball Kakumei anime may not be a particularly complex animation, it will serve as a stepping stone for inferior animators, artists, and producers to enter commercial animation.