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Who Is Danny Masterson Daughter

Who Is Danny Masterson Daughter: On Thursday, September 7, 2023, Danny Masterson was handed a 30-year prison sentence subsequent to his conviction on two counts of rape. The individual, aged 47, who is known for their involvement in the television series “That 70s Show,” consistently proclaimed their innocence during a trial concerning allegations of sexual assault made by three women. Ultimately, in May 2023, they were convicted.

During the trial, Danny’s spouse, Bijou Phillips, provided constant support and publicly expressed her endorsement of him on multiple occasions. The pair entered into matrimony in the year 2011 and are currently parents to a nine-year-old daughter named Fianna Francis. In light of Danny’s incarceration, presented above is a comprehensive account of his daughter.

Who Is Danny Masterson Daughter?

Fianna’s date of birth is February 14, 2014.

Danny and Bijou welcomed their daughter, Fianna, into the world three years after their marriage. Her birthdate holds a distinctive quality due to its occurrence on February 14, rendering her a “Valentine Baby.” Throughout the years, the actor known for his role in the television series “Ranch” has consistently posted images of his granddaughter on the social media platform Instagram.

The individual’s most recent publication in commemoration of his daughter’s birthday occurred in 2021, when he shared a photograph of the moment she eagerly embraced him. At the moment, he expressed his felicitations on the occasion of the birthday of his closest and most cherished buddy.

Danny regularly shared photographs of herself on various social media platforms

Although Danny’s last Instagram post dates back to October 2022, he often uploaded endearing photographs of Fianna and openly conveyed his affection towards her. Regularly, he would disseminate updates regarding her and provide photographs depicting their joint activities.

The most recent post made by the individual in question depicted a family portrait featuring Bijou, Fianna, and their canine companion. In his message, he expressed his delight in returning home to these three amazing individuals who never fail to bring joy to his life, following an extended two-day stay in Los Angeles.

The term “Muppet” serves as Danny’s affectionate nickname for the individual in question.

Many parents have nicknames for their children, and Danny confessed in a September 2020 photo that he called his daughter “Muppet” on occasion. He posted a photo of her making banana bread with a comment that praised her culinary abilities while referring to her as “Muppet.”

Fianna assisted her father in the completion of domestic tasks.

As previously said, Danny was pleased to see his daughter’s baking abilities increase, but she would also occasionally assist him with other household chores. In an article published in December 2020, it was revealed that she provided assistance to him in the process of constructing a deck. The individual composed a message regarding the construction of a deck on Christmas Eve. “Weirdly my crew kept talking back to me.”