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February 2024 Aether Gazer Tier List: Guide to Characters

The February 2024 Aether Gazer Tier List categorizes game characters into SS, S, A, and B, aiding players in selecting memorable characters for gameplay and helping them choose the most suitable ones for their exploits.

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February 2024 Aether Gazer Tier List: The February 2024 Aether Gazer Tier List categorizes game characters into categories of SS, S, A, and B, providing players with an indication of which ones are most suitable for gameplay. It assists players in selecting memorable characters for their exploits.

Aether Gazer

Aether Gazer, also referred to as “Mimir,” is a thrilling and entertaining 3D mobile game that can be played with friends. It is similar to embarking on a cooperative expedition within a fantastical realm. It is downloadable and playable on both iOS and Android devices. You collaborate with other players to defeat foes and accomplish objectives in this game. Cooperation is essential for overcoming obstacles and winning battles. There is consistently an activity in Aether Gazer, whether it be investigating new territories or battling monsters.

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An intriguing feature of Aether Gazer is its division into factions, which are factions of characters endowed with unique abilities. One of these characters is Skadi, who is exceptionally skilled at employing icy abilities to vanquish foes. She is user-friendly, allowing even novices to enjoy interacting with her.

To maximize Skadi’s potential, you must comprehend how to develop her and employ her assets throughout the game. This entails selecting the appropriate abilities and equipment to enable her to achieve maximum strength. Yostar Limited is the company that publishes the Aether Gazer game, which Xiamen Yongshi Technology developed. It debuted in China in April 2022 and is offered in multiple languages, including English, German, Chinese, and French.

To investigate the world of Aether Gazer and join the adventure, you can obtain the application from the App Store or Google Play Store. Therefore, assemble your companions, select your personas, and prepare yourself for an epic expedition in Aether Gazer!

Brawl Stars 2024: Tier List and Gameplay Guide

Tier List for Aether Gazers, February 2024

When considering the Aether Gazer game scheduled for February 2024, (Azure Lord) Mengzhang and (Untainted Heart) Lingguang rank first. All game characters are divided into four categories on the list: SS, S, A, and B tiers. The C tier contains the weakest characters, whereas the SS tier contains the strongest.

The list informs participants of the most suitable characters for the current game state. However, keep in mind that this is subject to change as the game updates and new characters are introduced.

The list appears as follows for February 2024:


These are the best characters. Use them to easily beat the toughest parts of the game:

  • (Azure Lord) Mengzhang
  • (Untainted Heart) Lingguang
  • (Darkstar) Hel
  • (Phantasmal Dawn) Hera
  • (Puppet Master) Hades
  • (Tenblaze) Jinwu
  • (Shinri) Tsukuyomi
  • (Rahu) Asura
  • (Arctic Abyss) Poseidon
  • (Living Soul) Osiris
  • (Early Sakura) Ookuninushi
  • (Jackal) Anubis


These characters are very good, but not as strong as SS-tier. They can handle most of the game but might struggle with the hardest parts:

  • (Ablaze) Tyr
  • (Flowfly Mist) Shu
  • (Backflowing) Oceanus
  • (Tidal Song) Poseidon
  • (Shinku Buzenbo) Tengu
  • (Airgetlam) Nuadha
  • (Countertide) Leviathan
  • (Chord of Convallaria) Athena
  • (Cleansing Wind) Enlil
  • (Rage Serpent) Marduk
  • (Ailuros) Bastet


These characters are good with some investment. They might not be as strong as SS and S, but they can still help a lot:

  • (Ryugiri) Kagutsuchi

  • (Jin-ei) Kuninotokotachi

  • (Archaic Oath) Verthandi

  • (Waverender) Skadi

  • (Wasteland) Fiend Kingu

  • (Drowsie) Oneiroi

  • (Enlightening) Heimdall

  • (Gusty Lance) Shu


These characters are okay but need a lot of help to be strong. They’re good for the middle parts of the game:

  • (Drifting Flurry) Leviathan
  • (The Innocence) Osiris
  • (Windwalker) Hermes
  • (Thundertusk) Kali
  • (Comet R4Y) Zenkibo Tengu
  • (Sakubo) Tsukuyomi
  • (Frost Fang) Vidar
  • (Dark Mistletoe) Hodur
  • (The Glare) Apollo

Bear in mind that this is merely a guide. You should utilize playable characters that you appreciate.


These characters are best for beginners. They’re not very strong, but they can help you learn the game:

  • (Croc Rage) Sobek
  • (New Pact) Verthandi
  • (Radiant Feather) Hera
  • (Surefire Zenkibo) Tengu

The Aether Gazer Game

Aether Gazer transforms players into administrators who command groups of three modifications (characters) in combat against foes. The game is centered on cooperative effort and strategic combat, with each variant contributing distinctive abilities to the conflict. One variant is directly controlled by the player, while the other two are managed by the game’s AI.

By completing segments and defeating foes, Aether Gazer allows players to progress through the game’s narrative. As they progress through various environments, players are confronted with a variety of obstacles and challenges. As one advances, additional abilities and modifications become available, granting increased customization and strategic versatility during combat.

Action-packed combat occurs in real-time in Aether Gazer. To succeed, players must effectively employ the skills and abilities of their mods while evading harm to themselves. As a result of the unique strengths and limitations of each mod, players must adjust their strategies accordingly.

A critical element of gameplay is the interoperability among modifications. Specific permutations of modifications have the potential to activate skill chains that bestow enhanced effects upon formidable attacks. To determine which mod combinations produce the most effective synergies for their particular playstyle, players must experiment with various combinations.

In between encounters, players have the opportunity to enhance their mods, which bolster their abilities and increase their strength. Aside from that, players have the ability to acquire items and resources to improve their modifications and gain access to new capabilities. Combining single-player and multiplayer options, Aether Gazer permits players to engage in cooperative combat with their companions. Multiplayer mode allows players to unite to confront formidable foes and navigate perilous dungeons.

Plot of Aether Gazers

A catastrophic event has wreaked havoc on the world where Aether Gazer takes place. Individuals have transferred their thoughts to a virtual world known as Gaia to survive. However, Gaia is not entirely secure, as terrifying monsters known as Visbanns menace it from the network’s depths.

To combat these monstrous creatures, Gaia generates mods, which resemble humans. Assuming the role of an administrator, players direct moderators in combat against the Visbanns to preserve what remains of humanity. Players investigate this world of ruins, engage in combat with Visbanns, and discover secrets regarding the creation of Gaia and the catastrophe that wiped out the planet. They develop relationships with other variants and gain proficiency in utilizing their unique abilities.

As players advance, they encounter increasingly difficult obstacles and uncover mysteries about Gaia and the catastrophe. They must rely on their courage and the abilities of their modifications to protect humanity from the Visbann threat. By employing exploration, strategy, and collaboration, participants undertake a perilous expedition to restore hope to the world. As they investigate Gaia’s secrets and confront the Visbanns, they become the critical factor in ensuring humanity’s survival in this post-apocalyptic domain.

Aether Gazer Trailer

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