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How to Check Your Lululemon Gift Card Balance

Lululemon Gift Card Balance allows users to link gift cards to their profile, enable online or in-store purchases, redeem cards in-store, and receive personalized recommendations.

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Lululemon Gift Card Balance: By linking gift cards to your profile, you can make purchases online or in-store by scanning them. By detecting the barcode, the application enables users to redeem their cards in-store and provides personalized recommendations.

eGift Cards are also available for purchase online; however, you will be redirected to the CashStar partner site to purchase them.

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You have the option of including personalized messages and designs in the dispatch. It will be visible in the inbox of the recipient upon opening the email.

While Lululemon gift cards do not possess an expiration date, it is advisable to redeem them promptly to experience the thrill of utilizing your newly acquired apparel.

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How do I verify the balance on my Lululemon Gift Card?

Listed below are some simple ways:

  • Enter the card number on the Gift Cards homepage.
  • Check the balance of your gift card by visiting, navigating to “My Account—Profile,” and then scrolling down to see if it is already reflected on your profile.
  • When checking out on or the lululemon app, you can view your account balance.
  • In-store balance checks are available from educators.

Where am I able to redeem my gift card balance?

  • Your gift card is redeemable both in-store and online.
  • At the time of in-store checkout, you must present your physical gift card, eGift card, gift card barcode from the Lululemon app, or gift card barcode from your Apple Wallet.
  • When making an online purchase, include your gift card as a payment option during the checkout process.

How do I link my Lululemon gift card to my profile?

It is simple to link a gift card to your profile, and doing so will preserve the remaining balance for future purchases on or the lululemon app. In a few easy steps, you can add both electronic and physical gift cards to your Lululemon profile:

  1. Log in to the Lululemon app by launching it.

2. To access the menu, select the three lines located in the upper left corner.

3. Proceed to the “Gift Cards” section of the “Payments” menu.

4. Press the “+” icon and enter the new PIN and number for the gift card.

Now, you can use your gift card either in-store or online during the checkout process by scanning the barcode that appears on your device after tapping on the gift card.

  • The Lululemon Gift Card cannot be added to an Apple Wallet.
  • Log into the Lululemon App on your iPhone and navigate to Account – Payments – Gift Cards. Add to your Apple Wallet to add your gift card.
  • By tapping the Gift Card balance badge on the home screen, you can select Add to Apple Wallet.

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