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Forefathers’ Day 2023: Date, History Five facts about the Pilgrims’ trip to the United States

In Plymouth, Massachusetts, the Pilgrim settlers founded one of the earliest permanent settlements in New England.

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Forefathers’ Day 2023: Forefathers’ Day, which falls on December 22 every year, commemorates the anniversary of the first pilgrims setting foot on North American soil (unless it falls on a Sunday, in which case it is honored on December 23).

Even though the ancestors arrived in America on December 21, the Gregorian calendar was adopted, inadvertently marking the celebration as December 22. The voyage of the first pilgrims, who crossed the ocean in quest of a better life and eventually founded one of the world’s great nations, is unquestionably worthy of celebration. For Americans, heritage is one of the most significant things. Part of the idea of the American dream is realizing how hard you’ve worked to get where you are and remembering where you came from.

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Forefathers Day History

It is a tale as heroic as any literary classic. The tale of the courageous ancestors of our country who fled poverty, joblessness, and religious intolerance in pursuit of independence and the retention of their cultural identity.

The pilgrim forefathers sailed to the United States on the Mayflower and Speedwell, sailing into the unknown in search of a new world. The Speedwell’s occupants were crammed onto the Mayflower due to problems and leaks. Despite the risks, on December 21, 1620, the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock. Thus, the continent of America was found.

In 1769, seven Mayflower descendants established the Old Colony Club to celebrate the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers and to proudly honor the valor of their ancestors. Since then, Forefathers’ Day has been honored annually, gaining popularity over time.

By 1880, Forefathers’ Day was being celebrated with great enthusiasm by citizens across the country. The event is observed with gatherings, formal meals, and speeches stressing the historical significance of the pilgrims and their achievements, from churches to organizations and from Los Angeles to New England.

But Forefathers’ Day annual celebrations fell into disarray when the Civil War ended and President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving to be the official national holiday. So much so that by the 1900s, Thanksgiving and the celebration had completely merged. Of all the states in the union, Plymouth is the only one that still honors its past and its ancestors, without whom America would not exist.

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How to celebrate Forefathers Day

Eat as the pilgrims did.

Serve your family a “New England Dining” dinner by replicating the menu items included in the customary Forefathers’ Day celebration meetings.

Discover your ancestry.

A lot of Americans with blue blood have relatives who traveled on the Mayflower. Find out about the founding fathers of your nation and their landings.

Preserve the holiday

Posting about Forefathers’ Day on social media can help raise awareness for the holiday, as it is no longer as commonly observed as it once was.

Five facts about the Pilgrims’ trip to the United States

An initial instance of its sort

In Plymouth, Massachusetts, the Pilgrim settlers founded one of the earliest permanent settlements in New England.


Deval Patrick, the former governor of Massachusetts, established a state commission to recognize the 400th anniversary of the founding fathers’ landing in 2020.

Battle of the Titans

The Old Colony Club members split into Loyalists and Patriots as a consequence of a disagreement.

Survival percentage following the settlement

Just 51 of the Mayflower’s 102 passengers made it through Plymouth’s first winter.

Having a baby on the Mayflower

A baby was born while the Mayflower was traveling. Oceanus was his name.

The significance of this day

Salute to America, everyone!

The land of the free, America! On Forefathers’ Day, one of the finest countries in the world is celebrated.

The Pilgrim Fathers’ Battles

Despite overwhelming obstacles, the Pilgrim Fathers succeeded in establishing themselves in their new community. They persevered in the face of several adversities, illness, and starvation. Their sacrifices were not in vain, and we ought to never stop honoring their bravery.

Taking notes from the greats

History either highlights great men who have accomplished great things or it serves as a reminder to not repeat the same mistakes. America’s humble beginnings serve as evidence of this, and it is important to preserve the country’s rich heritage for all future generations.


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