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National Cookie Exchange Day 2023: Date, History Five mouth-watering facts about cookies

A cookie party is the best kind of party ever. Everyone can support an invitation to bake something, whether it's to bake, decorate, or just sample those cookies.

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National Cookie Exchange Day 2023: On December 22, which is National Cookie Exchange Day, cookie exchange parties greet guests with beautifully decorated cookie tins and boxes. The host throws a holiday party for family and friends, and everyone brings delicious homemade cookies to share.

It’s a traditional event. Selecting which cookies to eat is the hardest decision. Wintertime favorites like gingerbread or thumbprint jam cookies are always festive, but because today is dedicated to all cookies, feel free to include some funfetti cookies or lemon squares as well!

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The National Cookie Exchange Day History

Some culinary historians speculate that making cakes may have led to the happy accident of our present concept of cookies. It’s possible that the first modern cookies were just cake batter doodops, used to check if the oven was hot enough. This counts in our book because, technically speaking, a cookie is any type of hand-held sweet cake, crisp or soft!

Given that Persia was one of the first empires to acquire sugar and that it was located quite close to the source, we know that the oldest cookies originated there in the seventh century. Following the Crusaders’ establishment of the spice trade and the invasion of Spain, sugar and the delicious biscuits it created spread throughout Europe. Sweet cookies were sold on the streets of Paris in the fourteenth century.

In the 1500s, cookie recipes first appeared in cookbooks, and in the 17th and 18th centuries, baking emerged as a reputable industry. Cookies evolved into works of art with precise measurements of carefully selected components. Simple butter biscuits and shortbread are among the European cookies that Dutch, English, and Scottish immigrants brought to America in the late 1600s. These “tea cakes” gained popularity, especially in the South, and became a source of pride for Southern housewives.

Once in the United States, American geography had a distinct effect on cookies. With the construction of railroads to connect the country, cookie recipes began to incorporate coconuts from the South and oranges from the West Coast. Icebox cookies replaced iceboxes in the 1930s. When Ruth Graves Wakefield, the owner of the Toll House Restaurant, believed the chocolate chips would melt into the dough when baked, she unintentionally created the now-famous chocolate chip cookies in the 1930s.

Cookie exchanges have been around since the Middle Ages and are a centuries-old custom. A holiday gathering where attendees bring a variety of baked cookies to trade with one another is a classic idea. Although the joyous occasion had charming origins, the customs around it have grown complex and rigid. Both the number and quality of the offerings made by guests are evaluated, and publications such as The Cookie Party Cookbook define what constitutes appropriate behavior.

Traditions of exchanging cookies among friends and family still exist today. You do not need to follow the stringent decorum that is customarily associated with the gathering. The delight of cookies is the day’s attitude, so gather your friends and enjoy the dessert whichever you choose!

Actions For National Cookie Exchange Day

Try making some new cookie dough.

Find Grammy’s hidden recipe for the World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies and give it a try if you haven’t baked them before. You most likely have an old cookbook stashed in your closet that has a recipe you haven’t tried yet. If not, discover the most elaborate and mouthwatering cookie recipe to dominate your cookie exchange.

Throw a cookie party!

A cookie party is the best kind of party ever. Everyone can support an invitation to bake something, whether it’s to bake, decorate, or just sample those cookies. Play some festive music and make your cookie party an occasion to celebrate sweetness and friendship!

Hold a bake sale to benefit a cause!

Yes, the traditional bake sale. Who among us can’t recall these from our youth? The best thing, though, is that you can use your wonderful cookies to donate to charities that support causes you care about or that carry out important work in your neighborhood. Not to add, you get to socialize and have a great time selling cookies in the afternoon.

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Five mouth-watering facts about cookies

An Entire Cookie Empire

The best-selling cookies on the market right now are Oreos, followed by the enduringly well-liked Chips Ahoy.

State-approved cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are the official state cookies of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, so they’re sticking with a classic!

Cookies International

The light and airy meringue is the most popular cookie in France; in Germany, many prefer the anise-flavored Springerle, which has a pressed image on top.

Cookies in Large Quantities

In 2013, sixteen bakers from Hassett’s Bakery set a record for the most cookies prepared in one hour—a whopping 4,695 cookies!

A Joyful Happenstance

Some people think that the baker who created the Toll House Cookie accidentally created the first chocolate chip cookie because they thought the chocolate bits would melt. If they didn’t, the traditional cookie was created!

The reason we adore this day

There are countless kinds of cookies!

Just to name a few, there are sugar cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, double chocolate, and Snickerdoodles. If standard tastes aren’t to your taste, don’t worry—there’s bound to be a cookie for you in some cookbook. It would be difficult to test every cookie recipe that has been developed throughout human history. Put on an apron and begin preparing fresh dishes and cookie swappers!

You can create cookies with loved ones.

There’s no better way to strengthen a relationship than to converse while the aroma of baking cookies fills the room. Get your family or friends to assist you in making your cookies, then take pleasure in the ensuing chatter and fun.

The sharing of cookies fosters community.

There is nothing like baked delicacies to bring people together. Seeing the person you present cookies to smile and receiving a box full of freshly baked cookies in return feels as satisfying as receiving a warm hug, regardless of whether you baked them yourself.

Year Date Day
2023 December 22 Friday
2024 December 22 Sunday
2025 December 22 Monday
2026 December 22 Tuesday
2027 December 22 Wednesday
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