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National Betty Day 2023: Date, History Five facts about this name

Named for Betty, Apple Brown Betty is a classic American apple dessert.

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National Betty Day 2023: Today, December 22, is National Betty Day. This day is our way of telling all of the Betties, Bethanys, Elizabeths, and Beatrice, “You’re special, and we appreciate you.” You should hear those words if your name is Betty. Tell a Betty how wonderful they are by texting or calling them if you’re not Betty but you know someone who is. Additionally, you might give them a shoutout on social media and say something nice!

The background to National Betty Day

2020 saw the establishment of National Betty Day on December 22 by Hornersville Mayor Bub Forsythe. In memory of all the Bettys we know and love, he established the holiday. Founded in 1840, Hornersville is a city located in Dunklin County, Missouri, in the United States. Mayor Forsythe selected the date in remembrance of Mrs. Betty Hinesly, a longtime resident of Hornersville, whose birthday currently serves as the holiday’s anniversary.

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For Bethany and Elizabeth, the moniker Betty or Bettie is frequently used. It’s also Beatriz’s (Beatrice) nickname in Spain and Latin America. It was more frequently used as a nickname for Bethia, who was more well-known during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Old nicknames evolved into given names in their own right throughout the 18th century, and they first appeared in parish registers as official names around 1750.

In 1880, Betty was first registered as the name of a baby girl and was given to 117 infants. In 1900, it rose to popularity and was ranked 100th in the country. When Betty was the second most popular girl’s name in the nation in 1934, it was at the height of its popularity. The greatest number of baby girls with this name ever registered was 3,599 in Pennsylvania in 1924. Some people think that because the name Betty is a classic, it will resurface even though its popularity has decreased.

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Activities For Betty Day

Give them a surprise goodie.

Bring Betty her favorite sweet treat, be it cookies, doughnuts, or something else entirely. Betty, if you’re feeling down, you should reward yourself because you deserve it!

Post something online and share it

You might post on any other social media site or tweet about the holidays. #NationalBettyDay is the hashtag for the holiday.

Identify Betty in a festive post

You might tag your preferred Betty in the comments section if you find a National Betty Day post that you appreciate and would like to share with them. Here’s one way you can join in on the festivities:.

Five Fascinating Details About the Name Betty

An unusual nomination for an Emmy

At ninety-two, Betty White was the oldest person to get an Emmy nomination.

Common American Dessert

Named for Betty, Apple Brown Betty is a classic American apple dessert.

1934 Betty frantic

In the US, Betty was the second-most popular name.

Just Betty, Betty

In the 1880s, Betty became recognized as a whole name on its own.

Previously applied to Bethia

Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, Betty was a common abbreviation for the Scottish name Bethia.

Why is National Betty Day so special?

We interact with other people.

Online bettors are interacting and connecting. It’s the ideal time to socialize during the holiday.

We adore other people.

Throughout the day, we demonstrate our love and concern for others. We’re also pushing other people to follow suit.

We encourage loving oneself.

Throughout the holiday, we get to encourage self-love. Bettys is motivated by us to recognize their uniqueness and to love who they are.


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