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Public Risk Management Awareness Day 2023: Date,History,Facts

Public Risk Management Awareness Day is celebrated annually on March 1 in the United States. By providing a forum for public risk management, the holiday aims to raise awareness and encourage education throughout communities. The platform serves as a launching pad for the creation of special events, proclamations, and publications. Public risk management can be studied by a large number of individuals, which is advantageous for the entire society. The holiday encourages and supports professionals tasked with implementing risk management frameworks to reduce, transfer, accept, or mitigate risks.

The background of Public Risk Management Awareness Day

Public entities, such as a municipality, county, special district, school district, port authority, or political subdivision, have a unique set of inherent risks that are managed by public risk management professionals. Litigation/claims administration, safety programmes, risk financing programmes, and contractual risk transfer are the responsibilities of the public sector’s risk management.

Professionals in public risk management implement risk management frameworks to reduce, transfer, accept, or mitigate risks through risk analysis, formulation of treatments, and monitoring of treatments/controls. They use these frameworks to support the strategic plan of an entity and to scan the environment for potential threats. It affords the public entity fiscal stability, enhanced safety, decreased liability, and reduced reputational risk. Despite the fact that their job is to support the strategic plan of public entities, it is well known that these professionals face a wide range of loss exposures in the diverse entities and communities they serve. They perform their duties despite political scrutiny, budget constraints, stakeholder expectations, and the entity’s appetite for risk.

The holiday helps these professionals deal with some of the challenges they face during their service. Public Risk Management Awareness Day originated in Texas and has since spread to other states. It is a chance to create commemorative activities, proclamations, and publications for public risk management professionals.

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5 Interesting Facts Concerning Public Risk Management

Professionals in public risk management oversee a unique set of risks.

Public risk management assists in assessing, mitigating, and combating any potential loss, damage, or threat to a community.

Community employees and residents are safeguarded and protected by public risk managers who evaluate potential threats in the community.

Managers of public risk are responsible for mitigating risks associated with public services such as fire protection, parks, public education, and transportation.

Public risk managers do not all perform the same duties because each public entity faces a unique set of threats.


Year Date Day
2023 March 1 Wednesday
2024 March 1 Friday
2025 March 1 Saturday
2026 March 1 Sunday
2027 March 1 Monday