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Restoration Day in Geneva 2022: Date, History and Significance

December 31 is a special day in Geneva, Switzerland. It’s the day when the city commemorates the birth of its independence with a festive celebration called “Restoration Day.” This day celebrates Swiss freedom fighters and their successful fight to reclaim autonomy from French domination. Celebrations include parades, music, fireworks displays, and more. Restoration Day has become one of the most popular and highly anticipated events in Geneva each year. Read on to learn more about this unique holiday, what events it includes, and how you can join in on the fun if you find yourself in Geneva this December 31!

What is Restoration Day?

Restoration Day is a day when the city of Geneva comes alive with celebrations. The streets are full of people, music and laughter. It is a day to remember the past and to look forward to the future.

On this day, we remember how far we have come and we celebrate all that we have accomplished. We also look ahead to the year ahead with hope and excitement.

This date was chosen because it marks the anniversary of the signing of the Swiss Constitution in 1848. This document granted civil rights to all Swiss citizens and helped to establish Geneva as a leading center of international diplomacy.

Today, Restoration Day is a time for all Genevans to come together and celebrate our city’s rich history and bright future.

Why is it celebrated in Geneva?

Restoration Day is celebrated in Geneva because it marks the return of the city to Swiss control after it was occupied by France during the Napoleonic Wars. The holiday also commemorates the signing of the first Constitution of Geneva in 1814, which established Geneva as a republic.

What events take place during Restoration Day?

During Restoration Day in Geneva, a number of events take place in order to commemorate the city’s return to Swiss control after being occupied by the French during the Napoleonic Wars. A special church service is held at St. Pierre Cathedral, where a plaque commemorating the event is unveiled. A wreath-laying ceremony also takes place at the statue of General Henri Dufour, one of the key figures in the city’s restoration. In addition, a number of other events and celebrations are held throughout the day, including a parade, musical performances, and more.

How can you participate in Restoration Day?

There are many ways to participate in Restoration Day. One way is to help with the clean-up of the city. This can be done by picking up trash, sweeping sidewalks, and generally helping to restore the city to its former glory. Another way to participate is to help with the restoration of buildings. This can be done by painting, repairing, or otherwise helping to improve the condition of buildings in the city. Finally, you can participate by spreading the word about Restoration Day and encouraging others to get involved.


Restoration Day in Geneva is a day of celebration and remembrance that commemorates the founding of Switzerland. This day is also an opportunity to take part in events and activities related to Swiss culture, from culinary experiences to art exhibits. On Restoration Day, we celebrate the strength of the people who fought for freedom throughout history and remember the courage it took for them to secure it. We should all be able to appreciate this special occasion as we look forward with hope towards a bright future for our citizens and nation.


Year Date Day
2022 December 31 Saturday
2023 December 31 Sunday
2024 December 31 Tuesday
2025 December 31 Wednesday
2026 December 31 Thursday


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