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Uruguay Children’s Day/Epiphany 2024: Date, history and 5 Stunning Facts About Uruguay

Families can spend time together over this holiday. Families can get together on this holiday and express their affection for one another.

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Uruguay Children’s Day/Epiphany 2024: Uruguay observes Children’s Day on January 6 each year. The public festival, often called Epiphany or Day of the Child (Día del Niño), is dedicated to providing gifts to children during the Christmas season. Children in Uruguay get gifts on Día del Niño, but in other areas of the world, gifts are given on Christmas Day. Little ones polish their shoes the night before and leave them outdoors in anticipation of the kings’ gifts. When they awaken on the morning of Día del Niño, their shoes are stuffed with gifts from “the wise men.”

The Background of Uruguay Children’s Day/Epiphany

On Christmas Day, children in the West usually get presents. In Uruguay, on the other hand, gift-giving is not done until January 6. It is important to remember that the nation’s calendar did not always honor Day of the Child. Indeed, January 6th is observed as Día de Los Reyes, or Epiphany, throughout the remainder of Latin America. According to the “Gospel of Matthew” in the Christian Bible, this annual Catholic holiday commemorates the arrival of the “wise men from the east” at Jesus’ birthplace. However, due to a singular incident that occurred in 1919, Uruguay removed Catholic holidays from the calendar.

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Before the elimination of Catholicism from the Uruguayan calendar, several noteworthy events occurred. José Batlle y Ordóez was a driving force behind the removal of religious instruction from public schools in 1909. The 1917 Constitution then established a formal division between the state and the church. In 1919, a liberal elite won a significant battle in Parliament to remove Catholicism from the calendar. The secularization of Catholic festivals led to the renaming of Christmas Day as Family Day, Easter or Holy Week as Tourism Week, and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception as Beach Day. Because of this, “Da de los Reyes” is now known as “Da del Nio,” or “Day of the Child.” Children get gifts from their parents and other adults on this day.

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Uruguay Children’s Day/Epiphany Activities

Honor children.

Youngsters bring joy and brightness into the world. Give a youngster in your community a gift on Uruguay Children’s Day and make time to spend quality time with them.

Donate to a charity that serves children.

Not every youngster has the opportunity to get a gift at Christmas or New Year’s. Contribute to a child-focused organization to help underprivileged children in at-risk neighborhoods have a wonderful holiday.

Recall your early years.

Think back to some of your best childhood memories on this day. Recreate some of your favorite activities or, if you have any, involve your kids in the same endeavors, if at all possible.

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5 Stunning Facts About Uruguay

Uruguay is not very big.

Uruguay is the smallest Spanish-speaking nation in all of South America.

The significance of the name

“River of the painted birds,” “river where the birds live,” or “river of the snails” are the meanings associated with the name Uruguay.

Its people eat the most meat overall.

The nation where people eat the most meat per capita is Uruguay.

The inaugural World Cup was held there.

Uruguay hosted the inaugural World Cup competition in 1930.

There is a national beverage there.

Mate is a yerba-mate-infused tea that is the national drink of Uruguay.

Why We Cherish the Ecuadorian Children’s Day/Epiphany

Youngsters are special.

Kids are special, priceless, and a source of happiness. This highlights the value of children and the honor of bringing them into the world.

Giving gifts is a way to show love.

Giving gifts is one of the best ways to express your affection. Children have the honor of receiving gifts and extra care on this special day from the ones they love the most.

It fosters kinship.

Families can spend time together over this holiday. Families can get together on this holiday and express their affection for one another.


Year Date Day
2024 January 6 Saturday
2025 January 6 Monday
2026 January 6 Tuesday
2027 January 6 Wednesday
2028 January 6 Thursday
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