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Dry Days in November 2022

Dry Days in November 2022: People do not in any way look forward to dry days. On sunny days, alcohol is not sold in shops, pubs, or hotels. It could be a federal holiday or one associated with a national election. Due to state holidays, several states don’t allow the selling of alcohol.

The majority of Indian states mark these days as public holidays, including Gandhi Jayanti on October 2 and Republic Day on January 26. Even during the election season, dry days are common in India.
For your convenience, we have compiled a comprehensive list of dry days in November 2022. Instead of postponing a party because you failed to realize it was a dry day, look through this list and stock up beforehand.

November 2022 Will Have The Following Dry Days:

  • Kartiki Ekadashi falls on Friday, November 4
  • Guru Nanak Jayanti is on Tuesday, 8 November

The government wants to cut the number of dry days to seven annually, but Delhi residents are curious as to why this is necessary.

Don’t touch a drop of the booze that is there everywhere. As a result, when the Delhi government had 20 or more dry days, devotees of Bacchus would frequently say. he went into his go-to bubble to hide.
However, there is good news: the government is thinking of cutting the number of drying days this sales tax year to just seven. However, it is too little, too late for Delhi residents.

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What days are dry ones?

India’s drying days vary depending on the state. By the way, on October 2, August 15, and January 26 in most states, is dry.

Each state has laws banning the sale of alcoholic drinks within its borders, during certain events, and on particular days. This is not the case in many states because liquor outlets are closed on holidays like Ravidas Jayanti. Dry dates are determined in accordance with the various excise regimes used by states and centers. In addition, federal state elections held in electoral districts are also subject to the prohibition of providing alcohol.

Why do some days are dry?

There are several justifications for a dry day. In fact, occasions associated with holidays and religious occasions frequently have dry days. Liquor outlets are closed on national holidays honoring soldiers, martyrs, and freedom fighters as well as during religious holidays due to religious fervor.

Separately, a city or state may formally designate a dry day. Similarly to this, when an election is held in an area, that region declares a dry season, and a decision about law and order is taken.

What makes Dry Day so special?

Although there isn’t a good reason to refer to a day without alcohol as a “dry day,” it is assumed that this is how the term was once used. It’s been suggested that if you don’t consume enough liquids like juice and water, you’re worthless. You can also use it for alcohol on certain occasions. It reads: He is now dry in English. If no one could consume alcohol on that particular day, we may infer that this would result in a dry day. This is not, however, recognized proof.

Drying Days were initially stated in the Punjab Excise Act of India in 1926, and the Center is claimed to have started enforcing them across India as a whole in 1950. Since then, dry days have also been mentioned in official documents.