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Ontario CRS Score: How to calculate and increase the scores?

The Ontario CRS Points Calculator will help you understand your situation and act accordingly.

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Ontario CRS Score: Canada has become a top destination for international immigrants, as has Ontario. It mainly attracts students, qualified professionals and entrepreneurs. If you are an experienced worker, the practices here will help you apply your skills easily.

If an applicant meets the requirements and submits a profile to one or more EEPs, they will be placed in the Express Entry pool using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

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Ontario CRS Score

The CRS score is called the Comprehensive Assessment System and is used in Canada’s Ontario Express Entry program. The CRS has a special scoring system based on age, education, work experience, and English or French. This CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) calculator will give you an idea. I recommend taking a free Express Entry assessment if you want a more accurate assessment of your suitability to join Express Entry. The CRS points calculator used to estimate applicants’ points in the Canadian Skilled Workers Points System has changed. Similarly, applicants must score at least 67 points to immigrate to Ontario as a skilled worker. Your assessment is based on several criteria, such as your skills, language skills, work history, and more.

How is the CRS score used during Ontario immigration?

The Ontario Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) uses the TPJ to assess your immigration eligibility. This ranks your application against other applications, and if you have a high score, it means you have a better chance of being invited to settle permanently in Ontario. The Ontario CRS Points Calculator will help you understand your situation and act accordingly.

The Express Entry Initiative includes various programs: the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Worker Program and the Federal Professional Business Program.

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How is the Ontario CRS Score calculated?

Express Entry uses the identifying information that applicants provide when creating their profiles in the pool to determine each applicant’s CRS score. The CRS score is calculated based on age, education level, and language skills.

What is the scoring factor for the CRS Score Calculator?

Marital status:

If you are moving to Ontario with your spouse, you will be assessed a different score than an applicant who is not moving with a common-law partner. Therefore, when you create your profile, you will be asked if you are married, divorced or never married. If you select Marriage, the system will ask if the person will be traveling to Ontario with you.


The Ontario CRS score calculator also scores the applicant based on age. Based on the date of birth shared in the Personal Information section of the EEP, CRS will determine your age and award you points.


Ontario needs educated and skilled immigrants because they are more likely to be productive to the national economy. So while filling EEP, SL section also asks about your education.

Language skills:

English- and French-speaking candidates are in high demand in Ontario. Better communication skills quickly increase an employee’s effectiveness. The points given by the Ontario CRS Points Calculator reflect this.


Canadian or foreign workers with EES experience are preferred. An employee with previous Canadian work will experience well with the CRS Score Calculator.

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How do I increase CRS points in Ontario?

In the Express Entry pool, the applicant has several options to increase points in the computerized reservation system. The applicant’s age, work experience, education and language skills greatly affect his TPJ scores. You can also get extra points if you speak French fluently, if you have a sibling living in Canada, accept a job offer there or qualify through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). There’s always a chance to top up your Ontario CRS points because the Express Entry lottery happens regularly. To get a valid score in the upcoming PR Visa Application (ITA) Express Entry Lottery, you can always work to improve your CRS score in Ontario.

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