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Ancestry Day 2023: History and celebrations

Ancestry Day is celebrated in many parts of the world on different days, but the most common day is January 1. It is a day to remember and honor one's ancestors.

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Ancestry Day 2023: Ancestry Day is a day dedicated to exploring the genealogy of your family and learning more about where you come from. Every year on the 2nd of January, families gather to celebrate their ancestry and share stories. This upcoming year in 2023 will mark the 5th annual Ancestry Day – an opportunity to look back at all that your ancestors have accomplished and reflect on who we are today as individuals, families, and communities. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you can expect from this special day – from planning activities to sharing stories and more – so you can make it one to remember!

What is Ancestry Day?

Ancestry Day is celebrated in many parts of the world on different days, but the most common day is January 2. It is a day to remember and honor one’s ancestors. Many people take the day off from work and spend time with family, reflecting on their heritage. Some people visit gravesites or conduct genealogical research. Others simply take the opportunity to reflect on the past and give thanks for the lives of their ancestors.

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History of Ancestry Day

Ancestry Day, also known as National Family History Day, is celebrated annually on the Sunday of the Australian Heritage Festival. The day commemorates the work of family historians and encourages people to learn more about their ancestors.

The first Ancestry Day was held in 1985, and was organised by the Fellowship of Australian Genealogists (FAG). Held in Sydney, the event attracted over 1,000 people. Since then, Ancestry Day has been held in cities and towns across Australia.

On Ancestry Day, family historians share their knowledge and expertise with others interested in finding out more about their ancestors. There are usually a range of activities and events held on the day, including seminars, workshops, displays and demonstrations.

The day is a great opportunity to learn more about your family history, and to meet other people who are interested in tracing their ancestry.

How to celebrate Ancestry Day

January is a special month for many people. It’s the month when we celebrate the lives of our ancestors. For some, it’s a time to reflect on their own heritage. Others use it as an opportunity to learn more about their family history. And still others take the opportunity to celebrate the lives of their ancestors with special rituals and ceremonies.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Ancestry Day, there are some things that you can do to make the most of this special day. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Learn about your ancestors: Take some time to learn about your ancestors. Who were they? What were their lives like? What was their relationship to you? The more you know about your ancestors, the more meaningful your celebration will be.
  2. Share your stories: One of the best ways to celebrate Ancestry Day is to share your stories with others. If you have any interesting stories about your ancestors, be sure to share them with your family and friends. You may even want to write them down or record them so that they can be passed down to future generations.
  3. Connect with your past: Another great way to celebrate Ancestry Day is to connect with your past. If you have any old photos or documents related to your ancestry, take some time to look through them and reflect on what they mean to you. You may also want to visit any ancestral homes or gravesites that you can access.


January 2nd is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about where you and your family have come from. Whether you decide to research your own personal ancestry, or even just explore the history of a few other countries and cultures, Ancestry Day provides an excellent chance to educate yourself and appreciate our diverse world. Learning about different places can help us better understand not only our heritage but also the culture of those around us. Make sure to take advantage of Ancestry Day on January 2nd, 2023!

Ancestry Day Dates:

2023January 2Monday
2024January 2Tuesday
2025January 2Thursday
2026January 2Friday
2027January 2Saturday



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