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Tokhu Emong 2022

The inaugural Tokhu Emong Bird Count (TEBC), a four-day documentary event that catalogs the state’s birds, will take place in Nagaland from November 4–7.

The Wokha Forest Division and Divisional Management Unit, the Nagaland Forest Management Project (NFMP), Wokha, and Bird Count India have all worked together to put this event together. The 2022 Lotha Tokhu Emong Mini Hornbill Festival began today, November 3, 2022, at Local Ground Wokha. Executive Engineer Power Woka, El. Chonronthung Ezung was a special guest at the Opening Ceremony of the Night Carnival, the first day of the festival.

How do the people celebrate Tokhu Emong?

About 100 stalls were set up for the four-day night carnival in Ezung, which featured a variety of stalls created by self-help organizations, governmental organizations, and local business owners. Ezun encouraged Rosa to defeat his village in a spirit of forgiveness during the opening ceremony while also wishing the community success. This is so because toku he emon signifies love, forgiveness, and the development of bonds between people.

Numerous indigenous games, traditional dances, folk songs, and contemporary Rosa songs are performed during the four-day event.

Story of Tokhu Emong

India Nagaland, one of the most biodiverse and significant states in Northeast India, is situated in the Malaysian biodiversity hotspot. The Naga Hills, which are located southeast of the Brahmaputra Valley in Assam, rise to a height of roughly 1,800 meters in this hilly state.

“The region of Nagaland is home to a variety of festivals and bird species. The Tokhü Emong Bird Count is the first project to promote neighborhood observation. We anticipate that future events will contribute to the documentation of the abundant bird life in untouched environments.

The Tokhü Emong Bird Count is a fantastic effort to record Nagaland’s bird variety and includes children and communities in bird monitoring and identification. The Northeast, which is endangered by hunting and land loss, needs it.

Nagaland became well-known to bird lovers because of amur falcons. However, the locals here do more than merely look out for the Amur Peregrine Falcon. According to Chenibemo Odyuo, team head of the Ecosystem Security Foundation in Peck, Nagaland, “the event is arranged to make every one of us proud of the birds and nature we have.” Despite having a lot to offer birdwatchers, the state’s biodiversity has been rapidly declining due to decades of habitat loss, fragmentation, and poaching.

The significance of Tokhu Emong 2022

This activity is done in Rota Naga as part of the Tokhu Emong Post-Harvest Festival to increase public knowledge of the variety of birds seen in Nagaland. The results of Tokhu Emong’s nationwide bird survey, the BNHS Salim Ali bird survey, are in agreement with his findings. Along with bird records, there will be talks on birds for students, schools, and enthusiasts as well as walks with birds and online sessions.

It is anticipated that ardent bird watchers and enthusiasts would take part in the Tokuemon Bird Survey and go outside to see the birds as they are mentioned. The bird viewing event is held in Nagaland, and people from all around India can attend. Anywhere may be used to observe and count birds, and eBird can be used to post the list. The Tokhü Emong Bird Count’s first event seeks to highlight Nagaland’s extraordinary bird variety and attract attention to its imperiled habitats.