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Nagula Chavithi 2022: Date, Tithi Time, Puja Muhurat, Rituals and Significance

Nagula Chavithi 2022, which is observed four days after Deepavali Amavasya in the month of Karthika, is a festival honouring serpent deities known as Nag Devatas. For their children, married mothers frequently observe Nagra Chaviti. Offerings offered during pujas are thought to reach the snake gods. People worship real snakes on this day. This is due to their perception that it symbolises the respected and adored Hindu serpent god. During Nagula Chaviti Puja, twelve serpent deities are worshipped, but there are many others.

Nagula Chavithi 2022 Puja: Date and Timings

  • The Nagula Chavithi 2022 will take place on Friday, October 28, 2022.
  • On October 28, 2022, the Tithi begins at 10:33 AM.
  • The Tithi ends at 8:13 AM on October 29, 2022.

Rituals & Nagula Chavithi Puja Vidhi

  1. Decide to worship after cleansing and getting prepared for the rite.
  2. Adored the sun god, Deep, Bhoomi, and Varun after dissolution.
  3. Early in the morning, get dressed up, and take a bath.
  4. Offer prayers to Mata Gauri and Mahadev Shiva.
  5. Now take a seat on the puja’s pillars.
  6. Install idols of the Nag Devta and perform appropriate worship.
  7. Snakes reside in anthills, therefore you must make gifts of milk, kumkum, and special sweets as a form of worship.
  8. Light Diya close to the anthill.
  9. Apply a little earth behind your ears during the puja.
  10. Nagula Chavithi Puja Mantra, recite.
  11. Offer the Nag Devta milk, fruits, flowers, akshat, Pooja Sangaguri, etc.
  12. Complete the Nag Devta aarti.
  13. Prioritize your desires.
  14. Similarly, offer prayers at the Shumb Muhurat.
  15. Visit the Naga temple and worship there.

Significance of Nagula Chavithi

The purpose of Nagula Chavithi and Naga Puja is to offer sincere thanks to Nag Devtas (the snake god) and Nags (the serpent), as well as to seek God’s blessings. In the Hindu faith, snakes play a significant role since gods are connected to them. Another name for Lord Shiva is Nagabhushan, who is frequently seen with a huge snake coiled around his neck. Another Hindu god, Vishnu, often referred to as “Sesha Talpa Sai,” is seen lying on a bed made out of the coils of a thousand extremely large hooded serpents. Due to their connection to the snake, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kumara are sometimes referred to as “Naga Yazinopaveta” and “Naga Swarupa,” respectively.

That is why Hindus place a lot of importance on Naga Puja (Snake Worship).

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nagula Chavithi:

1. When was Nagula Chavithi born?

Pujas are performed by married women for the wellbeing of their children. In portions of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Nagra Chaviti is a significant occasion. Date: October 28, 2022, Friday

2. Is Nagula Chavithi auspicious?

Nagula Chavithi, which is celebrated in honour of the serpent king, is a fortunate day for Hindus. Married women observe this fortunate day as well in hopes of ensuring the wellbeing and longevity of their children. The majority of Nagrachaviti is observed in Andhra Pradesh and parts of Tamil Nadu.

3. What distinguishes Nag Panchami from Nagula Chavithi?

Naga Chaturthi is followed by Nag Panchami and Nagashashti. It is largely a female celebration honouring Nag Devatas (the serpent god). For their children, married ladies observe Nagra Chaviti. The Chaviti festival is a time when women fast and practise Naga Puja.